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La Sosta degli Artisti B&B Pietrasanta - Suite
La Sosta degli Artisti B&B - La nostra colazione

W e believe in a sustainable development of society that is only possible by incentivising daily behaviours that respect nature and the entire ecosystem. We are obviously too used to the advantages of industrialisation and big-scale distribution, and in part, unfortunately, we cannot give it up.
Nevertheless, for our small part, the Bed & Breakfast La Sosta deli Artisti prefers natural products. We try to use as much as possible only products of known origin and do everything we can to have them produced not more than a few kilometres from here.
We select for our guests’ breakfasts mostly organic and local products, with lots of care in the research and selection of what we offer. We try to always unite naturalness with the amazing flavours of Italian cuisine.
The same attention has been given to the restoration and furnishing of the building. For the creation of the small spa area in our suite we have used a natural and eco-friendly product with very low carbon emissions, while all floors have been recovered and restored using ancient and fine materials. The furnishing is in part as well made up of recovered materials, such as the closet in the room On the Coast that was built by hand with recycled wood.
The products used to clean the rooms and the sheets follow this philosophy, because of which we refuse to use products that are not 100% natural.
The courtesy kit for every guest belongs to a line of product that is 100% Italian and eco-friendly, where packaging and etiquette materials are made in the same place as the final product packaging. The soap, the shampoo and the shower gel are all olive oil based products from the Mediterranean, rich in anti-oxidants and anti-radicals to fight the raging of the cells. These products also respectful towards people, as they are paragon free and have not been tested on animals (cruelty free).