B elow the fascinating slopes of the Apuan Alps, with its characteristic green vegetation of the Mediterranean sea, rises the beautiful town of Camaiore. Its territory reaches up to the sea, changing its name in “Lido di Camaiore”, with its famous sand beaches and touristic attractions.
This town in the region of Versilia, full of history and traditions, has a few precious artworks inside they city walls, such as the famous “Collegiata” and the “Badia Benedettina”.
A territory with many different landscapes and views: from the green pastures in the Alps to the forests in the Mediterranean brush, from the hills with their cultivations to the medieval village of the ancient town of Camaiore, up to the coastline with its well-equipped bathing establishments, its hotels, its restaurants and the sea promenade which leads to the close town of Viareggio. Similarly to the other areas of Versilia, Camaiore has a very pleasant climate for the entire year: mild in the winter months and not too cold in summer.
The town has very old origins: already in 190 BC the Romans, after having founded Lucca, pushed into the territory of “Campus Major”, from which the town of “Camaiore” gets its name.
After the fall of the Roman Empire, this territory endured invasions by the Goths and the Byzantines, then turned under the government of Lucca and the powerful feudal lords of those times. Around the year 1380, to protect themselves from the invasions such as the one by the people of Pisa and by the German mercenaries, which were attracted by the fertility of this wonderful territory, the elders of the town of Camaiore built powerful city walls, which are still today typical of the ancient town. These part of the old town is very fascinating to the tourists that walk around the streets of this characteristic village. Fairs, meetings, art galleries and markets for artisanal workshops and biological products are regularly organised in this village.
A visit that should not be missed under any circumstances!